Bad Beat

by Nate Cole

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Los Angeles Loves You For fans of his previous work, everything you'd want is on this record: Electro pop, soul, folk, indie... For those new to his music, he is one of the most underappreciated singer/songwriters of his generation and this record is the culmination of years of bad luck with the music industry and the one thing that likely kept him sane through it all (the love of his life). Vulnerable, silly, and insanely catchy — that's "Bad Beat." Favorite track: I Believe in Love.
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Recorded at Tyler Chester's studio in Glassel Park (Los Angeles), CA and at Nate's apartment in Highland Park.


released December 17, 2016

All songs written by Nate Cole.

Produced by Tyler Chester and Nate Cole.

Mixed by Luke Vander Pol.

Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering.

Track 1

Nate Cole - vocals, synth, drum programming, samples, shakers/tambourine
Tyler Chester - real organ, bass, synth, drum programming, samples, percussion

Track 2

Nate - vocals, organ
Tyler - bass, mellotron
Gabe Combs - piano
Joel Plotnik - drums
Jim Hoke - pedal steel

Track 3

Nate - vocals, electric guitar, claps
Tyler - bass, programming, piano
Gabe - programming
Joel - Drums

Track 4

Nate - vocals, piano, mellotron
Tyler - bass, acoustic guitar, synth
Gabe - acoustic guitar
Joel - drums
Rich Hinman - pedal steel

Track 5

Nate - vocals, nylon guitar, piano, electric guitar, field recording
Tyler - bass, synth, mellotron, electric guitar, drum programming
Joel - drums
Lisa Cole - vocals

Track 6

Nate - vocals, keyboard, electric guitar
Tyler - bass, synth, baritone guitar
Gabe - wurlitzer
Joel - drums

Track 7

Nate - vocals, acoustic guitar, casio drums

Track 8

Nate - vocals
Luke - synths and programming
Rich - pedal steel

Track 9

Nate - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, spoken word
Tyler - bass
Gabe - synth, wurlitzer
Joel - drums
Rich - pedal steel
Brandon Schwartzel - additional spoken word

Track 10

Nate - vocals, piano, synth flute, acoustic guitar
Tyler - bass, piano, moog, synth
Gabe - synth strings, piano
Joel - drums

Track 11

Nate - vocals, synth, drum programming
Tyler - additional synth



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Nate Cole Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Sera
Throw your turquoise cape around my neck, Sera
the reflection in our eyes got me trying to catch my breath, Sera
so turn my face away from the mirror I know what I look like, Sera
now it's time for a change take me under the knife, Sera

I let the weeds grow wild and buried all my shame inside the mud
it sorta worked for a while but now it's time to go and clean it up

I'm so sick of the old me now I'm ready for who you think I could be
I don't fee comfortable with nobody else so go and put your hands on me
oh Sera, make me new again

tell me a story tell me anything at all, Sera
I spilled my guts and then I pinned em' on your wall, Sera
I bow at the alter of your holy neon palm tree, Sera
baptize me in dark wave anoint my head in salt, Sera


all of the weights lift off my shoulders
and I can see for miles and miles
you show me mine and I'll show you yours
we're learning through contagious smiles

Track Name: I'll Never Drink Again
Last nights party is hanging over
I shouldn't even bother going into work
I'm useless my, head hurts
the bedroom is my bathroom
the bathroom is my bedroom
you get the idea

But I'll drink on your birthday
I'll drink when you die
Don't drink every morning
but I drink every night
I drink when I'm happy
I drink when I'm sad
but I'll never drink again
don't hold me to that

so I'll go play The Echo
no pay but I'll get drinks though
there's gold inside the Coors flow
I feel like a million bucks
I guess that's how it started
my memory has parted
it emptied out my pockets and filled up my gut
but I'm still thirsty

I'll drink on your birthday
I'll drink when you die
Don't drink every morning
but I drink every night
I drink cause it's funny
I drink to relax
you tell me you're sober
hey I'll drink to that
I drink when I'm happy
I drink when I'm sad
but I'll never drink again
don't hold me to that
no I'll never drink again
Track Name: Cold Hard Truth
Used to be the guy drinking drinks at the parties
now I'm the guy serving the drinks
now I'm the guy taking the garbage out
and I really think I like it this way
cause how would I ever have found out
what a complete ass I had made of myself

so now I clean up my own mess
I leave an extra dollar for the working waitress
she doesn't want to confess
she thought of punching her boss
before she punched the clock
it's like oh oh oh

used to fall asleep to bible on tape
what a nightmare
now Hitchens and Dawkins are on my nightstand
now I just live in real reality
it ain't easy but I like it this way
cause better the cold hard truth
than a comforting fantasy
oh your god

do all the redneck cowboys know
their Wranglers were made in Mexico
stop the show
I'm breaking down the fourth wall
and together we're not alone
together we're not alone
Track Name: Table for Two
I don't believe you're my soulmate
I don't believe that exists
there's not one and only
unless we say that there is

all my love is true love
tho the road has many detours
you could be my last love
and red roses turn to yellow

I do believe that we're lucky
and I believe you're a gem
in a sky full of dying stars
you make me wanna live

eyes of blue and moonstone
and your hair of many colors
cabernet fills our blood
literally we fit together

now our friends have babies
we still have our reservations
table for two crazies
if there's no room we'll take the bar

well I ain't no lightweight
but blood doesn't lie
I can touch my nose and walk the line
but tonight I shouldn't drive
you might be my lover
the mate of my soul
but tonight I just need you to drive me home
and be a friend, my love
we could play pretend
drop me off and I'll ask you to come up
be a friend, my love
you know I want you
you know I need you
be a friend, my love
Track Name: Tunnel at the End of the Light
When you were a kid you laughed without end
your grandmother scolded you for it
now that you're grown you wait by the phone
expecting the worst is yet to come

but I'll make you happy till the next disaster covers our eyes
and I'll take you with me
there's a tunnel at the end of the light

memories of youth they're stretching the truth
the failure's conveniently out of view
it don't always feel like a highlight reel
you buy what you break and give back what you steal


I guess that's why I'm looking over my shoulder
the lightning casts a shadow I can't get over

tho the world may be cruel
don't you ever be fooled
that the best days are behind you

Track Name: Losing It
I think I'm losing it
looking for my phone it's in my hand
losing it, forgot to move the car again
I think I'm losing it
losing confidence

I'm like a diamond
crying "I'm not cut out for this"

I think I'm losing it
checking for a pulse is something wrong with me
losing it, I question everything
I think I'm losing it
cancel all my plans
I lost my confidence

I'm like a diamond
crying "I'm not cut out for this"

running out of juice
do I seem lazy to you?
lining up the shot
chalking the cue
till I'm put on the spot and I shoot
sometimes that's all that you can do
I had a taste, it went away
now it's all I crave
I'll find it someday
Track Name: Bad Beat
Blindsided by defeat
it's just a big ol' bad beat
I guess you coulda fooled me, my hand was strong

looking back on those days
our eyes were wider than the sea, our hearts ablaze
showing off every bruise
you know it felt good getting dirty paying our dues

didn't wanna win without a winning hand
we never wished for dumb luck
you couldn't buy us out, no price was big enough
we never traded all of our love, our precious love, for lust
Track Name: I Believe in Love
I believe in love
I believe in you Leeza
there's a power in promising not to ever give up
you don't need any faith to believe my love is true
you can see it and feel it when I'm touching you

nothing else made any sense
we were just trying to get over the fence
now all the black sheep are scarred
following love brought us out of the dark

love is alive when I'm flying
love is alive when I'm down
it's gotta be more than a feeling
cause it's in the gutter as much as it's way up in the clouds

I believe in love
I believe in you Matthew
I'll be there when they tell you that you may kiss the groom
can't imagine the feeling your parents do not approve
love has outgrown the bible belt
it don't fit 'round you


it's in the fight even before we make up
it's in the gutter as much as it's way up in the clouds
Track Name: Pepper
I was having a helluva day
found Pepper in the driveway
she'd been hit by a car and left for dead
we picked her up wrapped her in a towel
drove her to the vet with the windows down
she started purring and it made us smile
till we found out cats purr when they die

Oh Pepper, you're the salt in my wounds
whatever happens next well you will find out soon
Oh Pepper, you're the salt in my wounds
wherever you go next well I will go there too

I still remember that time at your parents house
we gathered around the dinner table and stood up for a prayer
when a moth landed right next to my plate
I was about to smash him
when your dad said "kill? no kill!"
he scooped him up and let him out the back door
and changed my life forever
I guess sometimes roadkill is the saddest sight to see
especially when you care so much for every living thing


I will go there too
I wanna go there soon
Track Name: Driving in the Dark
All night driving in the dark
there's music but I'm dozing off
hey baby why don't we talk
the silence is killing us both

I'll never give up
if that's what you want
I'll never give up

it's nature, something inside has to fight
we love this American life
but I don't want a happy ending
cause I don't ever want this to end

I'll never give up
like it or not
I'll never give up

we married young and it's hard to believe
that I'll be the last naked body you'll see
I know there's more to you than me
go on and see
go on and know that you're free
Track Name: Driver
All my life lost in love

For a minute there I was on a winning streak
sevens in a row so heavenly
but the penthouse suite didn't suit me
too aware of everyone out in the street

I got lost in the river
oh my god I got lost

But I'll be your driver
I'm just a driver now
I'll be your driver
gonna do it with a smile

now the time is running out I can hear the taps
gotta get my act together fast
but I've never been good at acting
just ask any angel that I've touched

I was touched by an angel
oh my god, I was touched


they say that most artists peak in their 20's
but there ain't no sunshine at 33
who really dreams when they're thinkin' bout a plan b
so climb in and take a seat

well I gotta get out of these hills up in Hollywood
do my rounds out in Compton and Inglewood
I share a bag of chips with a kid from the hood
with the skunk smelling oh so good
I'll try not to get lost on the way down a memory lane
and if I talk too much on the freezeway
then put your headphones on with the glow on your face
but buckle up it's starting to rain


all my life lost in love
pay no mind to the cost of love